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Here you'll find older first-page notices.

[30.04.03]A must for the reader of modern crime novels, The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Modern Crime Fiction gives a encyclopedic view of post-war crime fiction. For non-English readers it is a drawback that very little non-English material is included, but it is a great fountain of facts about English language authors. Its scope is strictly crime, leaving thrillers out - it still fills 780 pages, so you'll have more than enough to read.
More Mammoth Encyclopedias or Mammoth Books of a surprisingly wide range of subjects - Erotic photography, Shaggy Dog stories, Murder and Science and so on....

[30.04.03] On April 24th 2003, Fatal Error, a new book by Michael Ridpath, was released. This time Ridpath takes us to the murky depths of the dot.com industry.

[30.04.03] Pre-order Dark Winter - Andy McNab's latest book, to be released on November 6th 2003.

[30.04.03] A new thriller from Chris Ryan was released on November 7th, Land of Fire. 20 years after the Falklands War, the Argentinians are stirring and a small SAS team is sent into the Tierra del Fuego to reconnoitre. From there, much goes wrong...

[16.01.03] The fifth Harry Potter book will be released June 21st 2003. Order it now, and it will be delivered to you immidiately after being released. Harry Potter (Book 5): Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

[24.10.02] Thomas H°iland Auktioner with a coin and currency auction 21st-23rd November. Among the absolute highlights you'll find the Norwegian London issues of 1942 (issued in exile for a planned post-war currency reform)that never were issued (except for the 1- and 2-kroner notes), in a complete Specimen set. Bidding starts at DKK 81.000,(approx USD 11.000) but that's not more than these notes are worth. Link to pictures on the London issue page.

[03.10.02] Liberation Day - A new Nick Stone-thriller from Andy McNab.

[03.10.02]New edition of Pick: Specialized issues to be released in October. At present only available from the US.

[16.04.02] 100-kroner note sold for kr 112 000 (approx USD 14 000) onRiibe Mynthandels auction number 17, auction date 13th and 14th April 2002. [see the note...]

[08.04.02] Norges Bank will issue on August 5th 2002 a 20-kroner commemorative coin to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Niels Henrik Abel.

[02.04.02] The new edition of Pick's Standard Catalog of World Paper Money : Modern Issues 1961-2002 (8th Ed) may now be ordered - will be published in April

15.07.01] A Chinese note with a Viking ship on it? Yes, it is true. [See more...]

[15.07.01] To my best knowledge, Norges bank was the first and only national bank of Norway. I was therefore suprised when I found on eBay, a note from "The First National Bank of Norway". [See more...]

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