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[28.06.04] Alex Calder I, Ridpath's 7th book, is scheduled for publication on April 7th, 2005. More info (a short and tentative synopsis written in 2003) to be found on Ridpath's homepage.

[29.08.03] The Avenger is a new thriller by Frederick Forsyth, about a Vietnam veteran using his experience to track down criminals and bringing them to justice.

[30.04.03] On April 24th 2003, Fatal Error, Ridpath's 6th book, was released. This time Ridpath takes us to the murky depths of the dot.com industry. Founder Guy Jordan needs money to finance quick expansion of his leading football site, but falls out with his father. And then, in April 2000, the market for dot.com shares suddenly vanishes. Being an ex-banker who joined a local dot.com in the spring of 2000, I feel at home in this book.

Michael Ridpath

NEW in Crime and Suspense:
P. D. James with a new Dalgliesh crime novel: The Lighthouse
John le Carré The Mission Song
Ruth Rendell: End in Tears
Ian Rankin: The Naming Of The Dead
Robert Goddard: Never Go Back
John Grisham: The Innocent Man

Michael Ridpath has authored six crime novels set in the black waters of high finance. Very readable, they have both plots and settings that makes for a good read.

Free to trade was his first novel.

Paul Murray is a junior bond-trader. He has no social life, but he loves his job and he's keen to make a good impression - but how keen does he have to be? When his vivacious colleague Debbie Chater is found dead in the Thames, Paul's life is turned upside down.

Trading reality, his second novel, takes us into the world of Virtual Reality as Alex Fairfax struggles to keep his brothers firm afloat.

After his brother's sudden death, Alex Fairfax, a trader in the City, is thrown into a different world he barely understands. To keep unwelcome predators away, and to save his brother's reputation and his own life, he needs all his trader's nerve and quick thinking to survive.

The Marketmaker takes place in a City broker firm, but much of the action is set in South America.

Disgruntled academic Nick Elliott has reluctantly taken work with city brokers Dekker Ward. Strange things start happening to Dekker's employees, including Nick's colleague, Isabel, which is when Nick decides to take on a fixer who is unaccustomed to people standing in his way.

Final Venture was published in February 2000.

Simon Ayot, rising star at Revere Partners, is devastated when Frank Cook, senior partner at Revere and his father-in-law, kills the funding on his first major deal. But his anger turns to terror when a few days later Frank is found dead at his remote beach house.

The Predator was published in 2001.

A Prague murder is linked to the death of a friend and colleague ten yers ago, while Chris was a trainee in New York.



[30.04.03]A must for the reader of modern crime novels, The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Modern Crime Fiction gives a encyclopedic view of post-war crime fiction. For non-English readers it is a drawback that very little non-English material is included, but it is a great fountain of facts about English language authors. Its scope is strictly crime, leaving thrillers out - it still fills 780 pages, so you'll have more than enough to read.
More Mammoth Encyclopedias or Mammoth Books of a surprisingly wide range of subjects - Erotic photography, Shaggy Dog stories, Murder and Science and so on....

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