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Ted Allbeury

Ted Allbeury was born in 1917, but didn't publish his first spy novel until 1971. Allbeury served with the Army Intelligence Corps, ending up a lieutnant-colonel.

His has written a large number of spy novels/thrillers since 1971.

The Man with the President's Mind, 1979. The KGB trains a man to react like the US president. But to what end is this done - and will he predict accurately? And where will his loyalties then lie?
Shadow of Shadows, 1982. A Russian defector is being debriefed, when he suddenly dries up. James Lawler is brought in to befriend him and find out why he has stopped talking. This becomes a story of love and betrayal, like many of Allbeury's books it isn't about action, but about dialogue.
All Our Tomorrows, 1982. This is a novel on the lines of Deighton's SS-GB - what if the Russians took over Great Britain, not by force but by cunning and political and social ineptitude on the part of the British?
Codeword Cromwell, 1983. A group of Germans try to invade Britain, as a spearhead to start a larger invasion.
Pay Any Price, 1983. Two civilians start to have nightmares about having participated in murder. Boyd of the British SIS starts to investigate this, but soon finds out he's in deep water and in serious trouble.
Not Allbeury's best, the plot has very many twists and turns and is difficult to follow in places.
The Seeds of Treason, 1986. What happens when the head of MI6's head of station in Berlin falls in love with the wife of his Russian opposite number?
The Line-crosser, 1993. Charlie Foster runs a network into East Berling, when his agents are arrested. In order to save them, Charlie goes over to the East Germans. When the wall goes down, Charlie has information everyone wants, badly.


The Naked Runner

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