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[01.09.03] Coming on October 1st: Nick Hornby: Soul Nation: A History of UK Black Music Pre-order now!

[01.09.03] Coming soon: Nick Hornby: Songbook Pre-order now!

Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby started his writing career with a partly autobiographical book about football, Fever Pitch. His next books were novels:

  • High Fidelity, partly a love story, partly a book about music. Our main character Rob has the habit, every time his life is in shambles, to rearrange his music collection according to a new principle. About growing up, friendship and love.
  • About a boy. Our "hero" Will has never grown up, never held a job. He lives off the royalties from a song his father wrote, and spends his time looking for female company - short term only! But then one day a small boy enters his life, and suddenly he finds life turns on him.
  • How to be Good. Katie finds herself having an affair and telling David she wants a divorce, when suddenly David - an angry man - undergoes a personality change. From being angry and cynical, he wants to be Good! A number of hilarious situations arise, where Katie and the rest of the family have to cope with more goodness than they can bear. A bit uneven, possibly a bit too long, but a good read, a humorous look at middle-class values and life.

31 Songs is Hornby's very personal account of 31 songs that means a lot to him.

Speaking with the Angel, edited by Hornby, is a collection of texts published help The Treehouse Trust. This trust is set up to help autistic children, and Hornby is the father of an autistic child.

Hornby has also (co-)edited two anthologies of sportswriting: The Picador Book of Sportswriting and My Favourite Year: A Collection of Football Writing.


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