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NEW in Crime and Suspense:
P. D. James with a new Dalgliesh crime novel: The Lighthouse
John le Carré The Mission Song
Ruth Rendell: End in Tears
Ian Rankin: The Naming Of The Dead
Robert Goddard: Never Go Back
John Grisham: The Innocent Man

[04.02.07] The seventh and, reportedly, last book about Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwart - and their struggle against the dark Lord Voldemort. It is scheduled to be released on July 21st 2007.
Pre-order Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and be sure to receive the book immediately upon release. There is also an adult edition available for
pre-ordering, to be published on the same date.

[25.06.03] A veritable cornucopia of wit and sarcasm, The Penguin Dictionary of Modern Humorous Quotations should be savoured in small sips. It has 277 pages of wit organised thematically, with an author index. One of my favourites is Oscar Wilde's comment on hunting: "The English country gentleman galloping after a fox — the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable."

[30.04.03]A must for the reader of modern crime novels, The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Modern Crime Fiction gives a encyclopedic view of post-war crime fiction. For non-English readers it is a drawback that very little non-English material is included, but it is a great fountain of facts about English language authors. Its scope is strictly crime, leaving thrillers out - it still fills 780 pages, so you'll have more than enough to read.
More Mammoth Encyclopedias or Mammoth Books of a surprisingly wide range of subjects - Erotic photography, Shaggy Dog stories, Murder and Science and so on....

[30.04.03] On April 24th 2003, Fatal Error, a new book by Michael Ridpath, was released. This time Ridpath takes us to the murky depths of the dot.com industry.


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