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SuDoku has in a short time become a past-time for millions. No large newspaper can exist without them, people actually have started to choose newspaper because of their Sudokus.

A sudoku is a simple numbers puzzle - but one than can be annoyingly difficult to solve. The principles are simple: Place all numbers 1-9 in every row, column and 3x3 sub-square in a 9x9 square (which is divided in 9 3x3 sub-squares). No number may appear more than one time in a row, column or sub-square. The puzzle will contain some numbers that the author has placed on the square, your task is to place the rest of the numbers. There are no mathematics involved, but you have to keep track of how putting a number in one place will affect other numbers. A well-formed sudoku has only one possible solution, and it shall be possible to deduct that solution from the numbers given on the square at the outset.

The more numbers given at the outset, the simpler it (generally) is to solve the sudoku. One problem with sudoku is that if you discover you have made a mistake, it is impossible to keep track of what the error was (you only discover it's consequence) so the only workable solution is to start afresh from scratch.


If your paper doesn't have sudokus, or you want to struggle some more, there are a large number of books filled to the brim with sudokus in varying degrees of difficulty. Amazon has a large selection, some of which you will find below.

The complete range of Amazon's Sudoku books

Electronic versions

There are a few versions of Sudoku for the PC, these may be simpler to work with and they are re-usable - you can share them with the family. These are the games currently offered by Amazon:


Play Sodoku on the web

Daily Fingertime Su Doku Vegard Hanssen's SuDoku site                
Web Sudoku Sudoku Online                
SuDoku central                  


Other web resources

Wikipedia article Su Doku                  
How to solve Sudoku puzzles                  


Books, videos etc. by Wodehouse, or based on his books.


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