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janeriks Norwegian Banknote Pages

[23.03.03] My paper on the development of the design of Norwegian banknotes, in Adobe Acrobat, Word or HTML format. Covers the period from 1695 to today, showing how the banknotes mirror both technical and political developments.

[24.10.02] Thomas H°iland Auktioner with a coin and currency auction 21st-23rd November. Among the absolute highlights you'll find the Norwegian London issues of 1942 (issued in exile for a planned post-war currency reform)that never were issued (except for the 1- and 2-kroner notes), in a complete Specimen set. Bidding starts at DKK 81.000,(approx USD 11.000) but that's not more than these notes are worth. Link to pictures on the London issue page. Also a number of rare modern specimen notes (lots 3161-3163).

[12.01.02] The "Scandinavian" name of The Sino-Scandinavian Bank was a hope to attract Swedish and Danish funds. [See more...]

[15.07.01] A Chinese note with a Viking ship on it? Yes, it is true. [See more...]

[15.07.01] To my best knowledge, Norges bank was the first and only national bank of Norway. I was therefore suprised when I found on eBay, a note from "The First National Bank of Norway". [See more...]


On these pages I will publish information on Norwegian banknotes, which have a history going back to 1695, only beaten by the Swedish and the English. The information, text and scans, is organized by note issue (see left hand menu). Scans on the text pages are thumbnails, that will link to higher quality scans that may take time to download.

These pages are continuosly being constructed, in between work, overtime, studies and family life. Material, including pictures, will be added as time and opportunity allows. Feel free to mail me with questions, but don't expect me to be able to give good answers to all questions. Comments and supplementary information will be appreciated.

The material will mainly be Norwegian notes issued after the Scandinavian Currency Union was established 1873/1875, when Denmark, Sweden and Norway abolished the various national Daler currencies and established a common Kroner currency. The union was dissolved 1923, but the kroner live on. The Euro may make kroner an endangered species, but as of today neither the Swedes nor the Danes have voted to join the Euro. Kroner are also used in Iceland; Greenland uses Danish currency (earlier on they had their own private kroner issues) while the Faroes use their own currency but their kroner are Danish kroner in disguise.

Some material from Svalbard (or Spitzbergen) will also be added.

As I do not have all the notes, I would appreciate help in collecting pictures (jpg-files) of the missing notes.

A comprehensive gallery of pictures of kroner notes may be found at Bergens Mynt og Seddelforretning AS.

Relevant catalogues giving information on Norwegian banknotes, besides Pick (modern issues 1960-2002 or general issues to 1960), are:

Norske pengesedler 1877-1983 (Oslo 1983, ISBN 8299107008) by Peder S. Madsen and Mogens Christensen. This catalogue, with valuations, is the first comprehensive catalogue of modern Norwegian banknotes. Some information in English. Thoroughly illustrated. Only available from antiquarian bookshops, try http://www.antikvariat.net/.

Norske pengesedler 1877-2007 is the bi-annual companion to Norske pengesedler 1877-1983, with new valuations, new information, adjusted scarcity indications etc. The previous edition is thoroughly illustrated and a must for any serious collector of modern Norwegian notes. Included in that edition is all official Norwegian notes from 1695 to 1875, and all known private issues from Svalbard (Spitzbergen) and Bjørnøya (Bear Island).

Sieg's seddelkatalog Norden is a Danish catalogue issued at infrequent intervals, covering the whole Nordic area. It also covers some of the pre-1887 period, the Norwegian listings starts with 1807. (The first Norwegian banknote issue are the so-called Thormøhlen notes, after the merchant Jørgen Thormøhlen of Bergen, who was granted the right to issue these notes in 1695. This was one of the first banknote issues of the western world, but it was very short-lived due to bankruptcy.)

Kolbjørn Skaare: Norges Mynthistorie (2 volumes, Universitetsforlaget, Oslo 1995: ISBN 8200226662 and 8200226670) is a Norwegian-language only history and catalogue (without valuations) of Norwegian coins, notes and numismatics from the start ca AD 995 to AD 1995. The author is the only Norwegian Professor of numismatics. Only available from antiquarian bookshops, try http://www.antikvariat.net/ .


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