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Karin Fossum

is one of the leading ladies in Norwegian crime. Her hero is inspector Konrad Sejer. He is a senior police officer, he has been a widower for some years and he is a bit of a recluse.

Four of her Konrad Sejer novels have been translated to English, Don't Look Back, He who fears the wolf, When the Devil Holds the Candle and Beloved Poona (forthcoming). Hopefully the rest will follow.

Karin Fossum was born in Sandefjord, Norway on November 6th 1954. She's had a number of jobs; she's been a taxi driver and worked in a hospital, a home for elderly people and with rehabilitation of drug abusers. She started her career as an author with a collection of poems (under the name Karin Mathiesen).

She has published two collections of poems;

  • Kanskje i morgen (1974)
  • Med ansiktet i skygge (1978);

two collections of short stories

  • I et annet lys (1992)
  • Søylen (1994);

six crime novels (all with Konrad Sejer):

and three novels:

  • De gales hus (1999)
  • Jonas Eckel (2002)
  • Natt til fjerde november (2003)

Some of her crime novels have been made into TV drama series.

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