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Anne Holt 

Anne Holt

is one of the leading ladies in Norwegian crime. Only one of her novels have so far been translated to English: Blind Goddess.

Anne Holt was born in Larvik, Norway November 16th 1958. She spent much of her youth in Tromsø where her father was a professor (for some time also rector) at the University. She studied law, but after her studies turned to journalism for some time. She worked as a newsreader in NRK TV (the major Norwegian TV channel) before she joined the police for some time. After her time in the police, she returned to journalism for some time before she started to practise law. She became minister of justice in 1996, but had to resign after a short time because of illness.

A persistent rumour about her being a lesbian was not confirmed until she a few years back married a female editor. The heroine of most of her crime novels is Hanne Wilhelmsen, an experienced an tough female police officer, who is a lesbian living with her long-time doctor sweetheart - but doesn't want anyone to know.

Two of her novels have been made into films.

Anne Holt is also known for her interest in soccer, she has co-authored a book from the Soccer World Championship 1998.

Her crime novels are:

  • Blind Gudinne (1993) Blind Goddess (Movie)
  • Salige er de som tørster (1994) (Movie)
  • Demonens død (1995)
  • Løvens gap (1997) co-authored by Berit Reiss-Andersen (Holt's under-secretary as minister of justice)
  • Død joker (1999)
  • Uten ekko (2000) with Berit Reiss-Andersen
  • Det som er mitt (2001)

Other works:

  • Mea culpa (1997) - a lesbian love story
  • I hjertet av VM (1998) - soccer
  • Bernhard Pinkertons store oppdrag (1999) - a children's book
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