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Daler issues (pre 1878)

Before the kroner issues, a number of notes were issued in various daler or skilling denominations. The first issue was a private issue with royal consent, by the Bergen merchant Jørgen thor Møhlen - a shortlived, but interesting issue. These notes, issued in 1695, were one of the very first European note issues.

The notes were generally of simple design, printed on one side, save for the very late issues in the late 1860's and early 1870's.

The first Norwegian issue, 1695, issued by Jørgen thor Møhlen with royal consent. This is a 25 rixdaler kroner note, with the coupon of another note of the same denomination.


Picture © and courtesy of Thomas Høiland Auktioner A/S


10 rigsdaler 1807 Christiania (Assignationsbevis), Nr. 13769, Sieg 4, Pick A8 - sjældent smukt eksemplar.
NK A71

Picture © and courtesy of Thomas Høiland Auktioner A/S


5 Rigsbankdaler 1813 Issue

NK A75d

Picture © courtesy of CornÚ Akkermans Auctions


50 rigsbankdaler 1814 Christiania, Nr. 58368, Sieg 8, let "foxed", men et fremragende eksemplar af denne sjældne værdi dateret 11 dage før Kielerfredens underskrivelse
NK A76c

Picture © and courtesy of Thomas Høiland Auktioner A/S

This note is a 16 Rigsbankskilling note (Pick A15, NK A86) that I bought from the firm of Colin Narbeth and Son on my first trip to London in 1976. In 2000 I bought a book from 1973 - The story of Paper Money by Yasha Beresiner& Colin Narbeth - and suddenly recognised one of the illustrations. You'll find this note on page 15 of the book.  

This is a 1 speciedaler 1863 (Pick A41,
NK A112c) in nice condition, save for the brown spots.

Picture © courtesy of Bob Hollister


This is a 1 speciedaler 1876
Pick A47,
NK A118
in very nice condition.

Picture © courtesy of Skanfil



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