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The Russian state mining company Arktikugol has issued a number of notes. Most of these issues are scarce, but for the last issue that is offered freely on the internet.

Issues before 1961 range from scarce and rare, to rumours. Should be collected in any quality, and hitherto unknown issues and denominations can be found. Lately a number of rare notes have come on the market, so beware of prices!

The 1961 issue is hard to find, but not impossible. Collectable in all qualities. Higher denominations are rare.

The 1979 issue is undated, but has a "modern" look that should make it possible to identify. (Pictures will appear at these pages, given time). They are freely available, and only the higher denominations should be collected in the lower qualities.

Arktikugol has thrice issued coins for use on Spitzberggen.

The first issue, 1946, is highly collectible but recent forgeries exist. Coins were issued in denominations of 10 kopek and 15 kopek (in aluminum-bronze, i.e. yellow metal) and 20 and 50 kopek in cupro-nickel (i.e. silvercoloured metal). These coins are reported to have the following weights: 3,04 g; 5,06 g; 2,59 g and 3,67 g in ascending order of denomination. Forgeries are reported to weigh from 7,4 g to 10,1 g.

The second issue in 1993 was withdrawn shortly after issue, due to protests from Norwegian authorities. Large quantities of this issue are on sale. Coins are denominated 10, 25, 50 and 100 roubles.

A third issue came in 1998 denominated 0,1; 0,25; 0,5; 1; 2 and 5 (roubles). According to the recent catalogue these coins were never put in circulation on Svalbard.

Recently a number of "commemorative" coins, e.g. commemorating the Kursk, has been promoted on eBay and other places. These issues must at best be seen as medals, they have never been intended for circulation, have probably never been near Svalbard and I, for one, see them as coming very close to attempted swindle.

Relevant further info:

1946 issue  

Picture courtesy of Lee Gordon

Picture courtesy of Lee Gordon

Picture courtesy of Lee Gordon

Picture courtesy of Lee Gordon

1957 issue  
1961 issue Difficult to find, but not impossible.
SV19612Kf.jpg (22209 bytes) SV1961K2b.jpg (16928 bytes)
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