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Sales list

All prices are in NOK (Norwegian kroner). 1 USD is approximately 9 NOK. Postage and handling is extra, minimum NOK 10. Prepayment in cash unless other agreements are made in advance.

Return note within 14 days if you are not satisfied with the quality - provided you notify me immediately upon receipt of note.

Order by e-mail, do not send any money until you receive confirmation that the note is held for you, and payment instructions.

This list will be updated irregularly, but notes listed may already be sold. 

If you are looking for other notes of 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th issue, please send me an e-mail and I'll try to find what you're looking for.

(links are to illustrations of note type)


Serial No
( links are to pictures of actual note if linked)




iv-10-f.jpg (112037 byte)
10 kr Issue 4
1966 I 6577556 Extremely Fine (01) Some dirt on the back (partial circle at the upper right corner) 30
iv-10-f.jpg (112037 byte)
10 kr Issue 4
1967 L 4381318 Very Fine (1+) Some folds, very fine 25
iv-10-f.jpg (112037 byte)
10 kr Issue 4
1968 R 1068396 Fine (1) Major vertical fold, some other folds, crumpling of upper right corner, minor dirt spots 15
iv-10-f.jpg (112037 byte)
10 kr Issue 4
1969 U 6104037 Very Fine (1+) Some minor creases, very fine note 25
iv-10-f.jpg (112037 byte)
10 kr Issue 4
1971 C 3511363 Very Fine (1+) Some folds, very fine 15
10 kr Issue 5 1979 w4542505.jpg (42311 byte)
BW 4542505
Extremely Fine (01) A few folds 20
50 kr Issue 5 1982

m8886888.jpg (43250 byte)
M 8886888

Very Good (1-)

Wrinkled, dirty

100 kr Issue 5 1975 0276221f.jpg (46219 byte)
Z 0276221 (Replacement)
Fine (1) Some wrinkling and dirt, fine paper, nice note 110
Arktikugol 1 kopek 1961
Fine (1) Some wrinkling, discoloration of main fold at the back, some blue spots on the back 200
Arktikugol 2 kopek 1961
Very Good (1-) Some wrinkling, many folds, dirt, fold discoloration both front and back 150
Arktikugol 3 kopek 1961
Good (1-/2) Very wrinkled and dirty, some tears at the edges. Back. 150
Arktikugol 5 roubles 1979 Arkt5r1979.jpg (21888 byte)
Good (1-/2) Very wrinkled and dirty, frayed edges, writing to the right of the front Sold


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