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List of Sino-Scandinavian banknote issues

Johan Wilhelm Normann Munthe Fartsan T. Sung Unidentified signature, less common than Sung's

Above: Table of signatures


Pick no Denomination Date Description  
Ch'ang Li Branch (Yungchi currency)
S580 1 dollar 01.02.1922 Green, ovpt. on S585
S581 5 dollars 01.02.1922 Brown, ovpt. on S587
S582 10 dollars 01.02.1922 Blue-black
a.Ovpt. on S588
b. Ovpt. on S590c
S583 10 dollars 01.02.1922 Blue & multicoloured, ovpt. on S589a
Chinwangtao branch
S584 30 copper coins 1926 Purple & green

Peking branch
S585 1 dollar 01.02.1922 Green
S586 1 dollar 01.02.1922 Green 6 multicoloured
S587 5 dollars 01.02.1922 Brown
S588 10 dollars 01.02.1922 Blue-black

S589 10 dollars 01.02.1922 Blue & multicoloured, ovpt. on S594
S589a 10 dollars 01.02.1922 Blue & multicoloured
Suiyan branch
S590 1 dollar 01.02.1922 Green, ovpt. on S585
S590b 10 dollars 01.02.1922 Blue-black, ovpt. on S588
S590c 10 dollars 01.02.1922 Blue-black
Tientsin branch
S591 1 dollar 01.02.1922 Green & multicoloured
S592 5 dollars 01.02.1922 Brown & multicoloured
S593 10 dollars 01.02.1922 Blue-black, ovpt. on S588
S594 10 dollars 01.02.1922 Blue & multicoloured
S595 10 cents 01.10.1925 Green, back orange

Picture courtesy of muffin@wxs.nl

S595a 10 cents 01.10.1925 Green, back dark red
S596 20 cents 01.10.1925 Orange
Yungtsun branch
S597 16 copper coins 1926 Blue & orange
S597a 30 copper coins 1926
S598 32 copper coins 1926 Green & brown
unissued remainder note
S599 48 copper coins 1926 Red & green
unissued remainder note
S600 80 copper coins 1926
Remainder note: a note that has been printed, but is missing something that an issued note has. Often one or more signatures are missing, or it is undated.
Catalogue numbers are from Pick: Standard Catalog of World Paper Money vol. 1, specialized issues, 6th edition.

Another catalog of Chinese banknotes is:
Chinese Banknotes, by Ward Smith and Brian Matravers. Pick refers to this catalog.
NOTE: Denominations
Rønning states that copper coin notes were issued in denominations of 10, 20, 30, 50, 16, 32, 48 and 88 copper coins. 10, 20, and 50 copper coin notes are not listed in Pick, so finds may be found! 80 and 88 copper coin notes may be the same note, 80 or 88 being mis-written for the other.
Suggested books:
coverPicks specialized catalogue
Smith and Matravers Chinese banknotes


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