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5th issue

The 5th issue was to replace the rather cumbersome, large notes of the previous issues.

In the 5th issue there was no 5 kroner note, the note having been replaced by a coin in 1963. The sizes were gradually larger from 10 to 500 kroner, with the 500 and 1000 the same size. If not exactly colourful by modern standards, at least the 5th issue was more colourful than the 3rd and 4th.

The portraits are of the same persons as in the 4th issue, except for Christian Michelsen being dropped and replaced by Fridtjof Nansen (ex-5 kr) on the 10 kr note.

v-10-f.jpg (22096 byte)v-10-b.jpg (18321 byte)

v-50-f.jpg (24533 byte)v-50-b.jpg (24038 byte)

v-100-f.jpg (25697 byte)v-100-b.jpg (22707 byte)

500-v-f.jpg (32660 byte)
Mathemathician Niels Henrik Abel
500-v-b.jpg (32006 byte)
The University of Oslo, in the center of Oslo

v-1000-f.jpg (34556 byte)v-1000-b.jpg (29078 byte)


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