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Danish notes on eBay

[28.01.07] The Danish National Bank has published a number of different design proposals for a new series of banknotes, made by different artists. The design are also exhibited at the premises of the National Bank.

Denmark(list of issues - may be slow in downloading!)

has been issuing notes since the beginning of the 18th century. Until 1814 the note issues were common to Norway and Denmark - they were both ruled by the Danish king - while coinage was separate for the two countries. Danish 20th century banknotes regularly pop up on auctions, post-war notes are generally not very expensive. In Denmark, as in Norway, there was a substitution of banknotes after the war, making lower denominations of the notes issued during and just before the war available at reasonable prices.

Denmark 10 kroner 5. issue 1962, regular replacement note. H.C. Andersen on the left.

On notes of the 5th issue (the portrait and landscape series) and the 6th issue (the portrait painting and animal life series) the year of issue may be difficult to find. The easily found "utgitt i henhold til lov av 7. april 1936" (i.e. "issued in accordance with the law of 7th April 1936") makes many believe (or among eBay sellers: proclaim to believe) that this is the year of issue.This is not so, and the real year of issue is not that difficult to find if you know what to look for:
The serial number of these notes is divided in two parts, a numbers only serial number to the right and another number consisting of 1 letter 4 numbers and a final letter to the left- e.g. H2620J as in the picture below. The two middle numbers - 62 - are the two final digits of the year of issue, in this case 1962.

If the last digit in the left-hand part is 0 the note is a replacement note. If the final letter is K it is from the detailed control where single notes were replaced, if it is a J it is from the regular control where whole sheets were replaced at a time. K is thus scarcer than J. Both are scarcer than ordinary notes from the same year.
The same system for marking year of issue and replacement notes are used on some of the Faeroes issues.

Denmark has seen a number of banknotes issued by private banks. these you will find in Pick: Specialized issues. In addition there are notes called S.O.S.-notes and J.A.K.- notes, these were issued by agrarian movements in the 1920's and 1930's.

As in Norway, the Wehrmacht used German Reichskreditkassen-Scheine for paying in the spring and summer of 1940. The Allied High Command (Den allierte overkommando) issued notes for use during the liberation of Denmark, and special notes were used internally in the Danish Brigade in Germany during the allied post-war occupation. Jutlandia-notes, used in a Danish hospital ship during the Korean War, is a special Danish phenomenon.

The Danish Nazi Party issued their own propaganda notes that could be used as money in a limited number of situations. In additions to those pictured below, notes for 25 øre were made but never issued.

Inter-coin.dk has a nice choice of Danish notes and coins)..

Sønderjylland (Southern Jutlandia) - Plebiscite

As very few except some stamp collectors recollect, present-day Danish borders with Germany were not finally decided on until 1920. In large parts of the area south of the then Danish border there were large settlements of Danish-speakers, a legacy of the situation before 1864 when the whole of Schleswig-Holstein was Danish (with a considerable number of German-speaking people). In two predefined areas there were referendums (plebiscites) in the spring of 1920, and the northernmost area had a majority for reunion with Denmark (the southern one a large majority to uphold the status quo as German areas). The northernmost area was then made a part of Denmark.

In the time before and around the referendums a number of notgeld were issued in many of these communities, with propaganda for this or the other position. These notes are very colourful, and tell an intesting story of history, nationalism and ideology. The notes are generally common and cheap. Inter-coin.dk has a nice selection of such notes.

Pro-Danish note from Daler 1920 - "Vort Ønske er opfyldt" - i.e. "Our wish has been fulfilled" issued after the reunion with Denmark had been decided.

Pro-German note from 1920 - "Wir wollen keine Dänen sein, Wir wollen Deutschen bleiben" (We do not wish to become Danish, we want to stay German).

A collector of Danish notes should also consider notes issued in former colonies or parts of Denmark, and of semi-autonomous parts of Denmark today:

  • Iceland (today an independent republic, part of Denmark until 1944, own notes since late 1800's)
  • Greenland (presently uses Danish notes and coins, formerly had their own notes and coins, and a number of private issues)
  • The Faeroes (semi-autonomous part of Denmark, has their own notes which are equal to Danish kroner)
  • Danish West Indies (presently US Virgin Islands)


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