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4th issue

The 4th issue of Norwegian kroner notes was the first post-war issue that was designed as a long-term issue, the 3rd issue having been prepared during the war for use in a monetary reform situation and was introduced when the 2nd issue was suspended in the autumn of 1945.

The 4th issue consisted of 6 notes, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 kr.

The 4th issue obviously is an attempt to "build the country" after the war. Each note has its own portrait, with famous Norwegians. The reverse is used to visualize one of the important sectors of the Norwegian economy and society.

The 5-kroner is the fisheries note, the 10-kroner is shipping and commerce, 50-kroner farming, 100-kroner forestry, 500-kroner industry and 1000-kroner the arts.

iv-5-f.jpg (84374 byte)

Fridtjof Nansen, scientist, politician and humanitarian. Organized relief to Russia in the 1920's and became Commissioner of Refugees for the League of Nations, with the right to issue the so-called Nansen passports giving some means of identity to stateless refugees and enabling them to travel.

iv-5-b.jpg (87946 byte)

Fisheries scene from the Lofoten, after a painting by Axel Revold.

iv-10-f.jpg (112037 byte)

Christian Michelsen, ship owner and politician. Was Prime Minister on June 7th 1905 when the Storting (Norwegian Parliament) voted to dissolve the union with Sweden.

iv-10-b.jpg (81195 byte)

Mercury, and a shipping scene after a painting by Henrik Sørensen.

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, poet and author, and active participant in society. Politically active, though not a politician. His poetry and novels are both nationalistic and romantic.

Harvesting scene after a painting by Hugo Louis Mohr.

Henrik Wergeland, poet and Norway's first head of the National Archives. Very nationalistic and in opposition to the Swedish king. A founder of the celebration of May 17th, the Norwegian National Day (which does not celebrate Norwegian independence in 1905 but the Norwegian Constitution of 1814).

Timber floating scene after a painting by Erik Wærenskiold.

Niels Henrik Abel, mathematician whose theories are still used and studied and is fundamental to much of modern mathematics.

Industrial scene after a painting by Reidar Aulie.

NO-IV-1000-1971-A3733470-Fb.jpg (89358 bytes)
1000 kroner

Henrik Ibsen, playwright and poet whose plays still are being played all over the world.

NO-IV-1000-1971-A3733470-Bb.jpg (86394 bytes)

"History", painting by Edvard Munch.


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