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News for the collector of Norwegian banknotes:
Banknote news
  • On June 19th 2001 Norges Bank released the new 1000 kroner note, portraying the painter Edvard Munch. This note is the last note of the 7th issue, and will replace the current 1000 kroner note (6th issue) portraying Christian Magnus Falsen. Info from Norges Bank in English and in Norwegian
  • On July 13th 1999 a large number of Norwegian banknote issues (3rd, 4th and most of 5th issue) lost their value, as this was the last day Norges Bank would exchange them for legal tender. See pictures at Norges bank and press release from Norges Bank
  • On June 6th 1999 Norges Bank released a new 500 kr note (7th issue) portraying Sigrid Undset, Nobel Literature Prize Laureate. This replaces the 500 kr note (6th issue) portraying Edvard Grieg
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Site news
  • March 27th 2002: Added images of London 50 and 100 kroner notes and corresponding specimen notes
  • November 19th 2001: Added page on daler notes, upgraded scans of 4th issue.
  • August 7th 2001: Added images of Arktikugol 1946 issue 1 and 3 ruble notes and 4 notes from Svenska Stenkolsaktiebolaget Spetsbergen
  • August 7th 2001: Added image of 2nd issue 500 kroner note
  • August 6th 2001: Added images of the 1944 London issue 5 kroner note
  • July 4th 2001: Added the new 1000-kroner note
  • May 22nd 2001 site moved to www.janeriks.no
  • September 21st: Added 1- and 2-kroner notes.
  • September 15th: Scans of 6th series completed.
  • September 14th 2000: 5th series completely rescanned.
  • In August, the site was redesigned and some errors corrected.
  • In March, a number of new links have been added on this page.
  • In February, two London notes have been added to the site.
  • In January and February 2000 the 2nd and the 7th issue have been added to the site, and a number of pictures have been added or replaced. All pictures have been replaced by thumbnails, so that they can be viewed in full (or 200 %) size if you want to look closer at them but without having to wait for minutes for a page to download.


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