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Notgeld - emergency issues

In times of crisis, need dictate that emergency money are issued. This can be due to lack of coinage - especially if coins are made of precious metal - or due to other considerations. Some 19th century Norwegian emergency or notgeld notes exist, but the main period for Norwegian notgeld is WWII, especially during the actual fighting in the spring of 1940. Local communities issued banknotes, with denominations in kroner - mostly low denominations. Later, a shortage of coinage led to a number of lower denomination issues in øre.

A special issue are the so-called Steffens notes, named after major general Steffens who led the Norwegian forces in the western region. Notes of 5, 10 and 100 kroner were issued. These notes were, as the only notes not issued by Norges Bank, guaranteed by the Norwegian government.

An example of notgeld are these notes from the community of Moster, on the western coast of Norway. A 10 kroner note was also issued. The design is rather austere, due to circumstances.

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2 kroner
5 kroner



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