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7th issue

vii-50-f.jpg (18427 byte)

50 kroner obverse:
Folk tale collector Peter Christen Asbjørnsen

vii-50-b.jpg (18486 byte)

50 kroner reverse:
Scene from a folk tale.

vii-100f.jpg (79208 byte)

100 kroner obverse:
Opera singer Kirsten Flagstad

vii-100b.jpg (88240 byte)

100 kroner reverse:
Architect's drawing of an opera interior

vii-200f.jpg (103933 byte)

200 kroner obverse:
Physicist Kristian Birkeland, Northern Light (Aurora Borealis) and in the field to the left the Terrella he used to explain this phenomenon.

vii-200b.jpg (109507 byte)

200-kroner reverse:
Map of the Polar areas, marking the main areas of the Aurora Borealis.

vii-500f.gif (244136 byte)

500 kroner obverse:
Nobel literature prize laureate Sigrid Undset

vii-500b.gif (254996 byte)

500 kroner reverse:
Woven pattern and a wreath, symbols from Undset's books.

1000 kroner obverse:
Painter Edvard Munch

1000 kroner reverse:
Details from one of Munch's paintings.


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